LAW 12



UNIT 1: What is Law?

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two

Alternate Topic: General Insanity Sampler


Article: People Whose Legal Names Prophesized Their Fate | PDF VERSION
Article: Real Prison Escapes That Should not have been possible | PDF VERSION
Article: Military Fakes You Won't Believe Fooled the World | PDF VERSION
Article: Horrifying Ways Insane Bosses Tried To Motivate People | PDF VERSION
Atricle: Spectacularly crazy things done by real teachers | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: 10 Strangest Criminals (6:20)

UNIT 2: Making Law in Canada

- Unit notes
- How a Statute is made - Sheet for diagram

Alternate Topic: Psychology and Trauma


Article: 5 Myths About Domestic Abuse Everyone Believes | PDF VERSION
Article: 5 Realities of Life When Your Brain Wants You to Murder | PDF VERSION
Article: 5 Realities of Mass Shootings Movies Don't Prepare You For | PDF VERSION
Article: 5 Terrifying Truths of Working with the Criminally Insane | PDF VERSION
Article: 6 Awful Things I Learned Surviving A Double Homicide | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: "Now, After" (A short film on PTSD. Contains some war/trauma imagery) (13:25)

UNIT 3: Resolving Disputes

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two
- VIDEO: Ted Bundy Profile / Crimes
- VIDEO: Ted Bundy's final Interview
- Roleplay: Restaurant Rampage - Response when done
- Roleplay: Metalworks - Labour Code Sections
- Criminals and their Appeals - Details
- Criminal profiling chart for analysis
- Criminal profiling - Analysis Assignment

Alternate Topic: Digital Owership


Article: Ridiculous things companies and people claimed to own | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: Everything is a Remix (37:29)
VIDEO: Cuba's Underground Digital Market - All without the Internet (7:00)

UNIT 4: Canadian Charter

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two

- Case Study: Freedom of Religion (Student Copy)
- Case Study: Black Betrayal (Student Copy)
- Case Study: Viscous Videos (Student Copy)

- Case Studies: Submission Template and Examples

Alternate Topic: Freedoms vs Rights


Article: 6 People Who Took Justice Into Their Own (Insane) Hands | PDF VERSION
Article: I Foreclose Houses for Banks – 5 Strange Realities | PDF VERSION
Article: Ridiculous Ways People Got Out of Traffic Tickets | PDF VERSION
Article: Terrifying Things I Learned While Buying Guns on Facebook | PDF VERSION
Article: The 6 Most Insane Legal Technicalities to Ever Screw Someone | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: Pleading Insanity. Does it work? (2:19)
VIDEO: The best of Charles Manson (4:18)

UNIT 5: Intro to Criminal Law

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two
- VIDEO: Bowling for Columbine

- Research Essay details and instructions
- Research Essay sample page for sourcing/references
- Research Essay - Draft (BAD Example. Don't do!)
- Research Essay - Draft (GOOD Example. Like this.)

Alternate Topic: Policing


Article: Surprising Things You Learn as a Real Life Private Eye | PDF VERSION
Article: Terrifying Ways (American) Police Can Legally Screw You Over | PDF VERSION
Article: Things I Did as a Cop in a Shockingly-Corrupt Small Town | PDF VERSION
Article: Things I Learned as a Cop (Movies Won't Show You) -Part 1 | PDF VERSION
Article: Things I Learned as a Cop (Movies Won't Show You) -Part 2 | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: Selected scenes from Cops TV Show (16:18)

UNIT 6: Offenses

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two
- VIDEO: Gun Crazy USA
- VIDEO: Citizen Defense USA

Alternate Topic: Sexual Crime


Article: Ways Life as a Street Prostitute is Nothing Like You Expect | PDF VERSION
Article: Ways Being a Legal Prostitute Is Weirder Than You Think | PDF VERSION
Article: Things I Learned as a Sex Slave in Modern America | PDF VERSION
Article: Ways the Legal System Screws Rape Victims (Like Me) | PDF VERSION
Article: Uncomfortable Truths About Rape on College Campuses | PDF VERSION
Article: Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: Asian Mail-Order Brides (25:00) OR Romania's Bride Market (21:30)

UNIT 7: Defenses

- Unit notes

See above. Unit 6/7 are combined into one test and one alternate.

UNIT 8: Sentencing and Corrections

- Unit notes - Part One | Part Two
- VIDEO: Russia's Toughest Prisons

Alternate Topic: Prison


Article: Things I learned about American Prisons (as a Guard) | PDF VERSION
Article: Things I learned going to Military Prison | PDF VERSION
Article: Things you learn as a Convict on Death Row | PDF VERSION
Article: Things You Learn Listening in on Every Prison Phone Call | PDF VERSION
Article: Ways that Prison is more Horrifying than the Movies | PDF VERSION

VIDEO: Kids Behind Bars (1:00:00 approx)


- End of Year Video Project - Instructions & Options


- Final exam review sheet



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